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  Serbian National Folk Ensemble "Kolo"

Serbian Folklore Ensemble "Kolo" is a young adult ensemble (17 – 30 years old) of dancers and musicians who perpetuate traditional Serbian folklore through challenging choreographies, exhilarating music, authentic costume and community spirit. Ensemble "Kolo", a non-profit organization, was formed in 1969 in Hamilton, ON, Canada, by a dedicated group of St. Nicholas Church Barton St. members who worked to keep Serbian traditions alive after their immigration to Canada. Kolo has maintained their goals and flourished as an integral part of North America’s cultural arts scene over the last four decades.

Ensemble Kolo is expertly led by Artistic Director and Choreographer Dragan Maklenov. Mr. Maklenov brings experience and wisdom from his years of performing as Principal Dancer and Singer for the National Dance Ensemble of Traditional Dance and Songs of Serbia “Kolo” (Belgrade). His professional training adds quality and excitement to a vast and varied repertoire.

Kolo includes generations of dancers and musicians who have achieved over 800 performances. Kolo has performed in diverse venues across North America, from shows for small Northern Ontario communities to professional theatre performances for over 600 attendees including dignitaries and members of royalty. Notable performances include: Commonwealth Games (Edmonton), Lincoln Center (New York), and numerous festivals in Boston, Chicago, and San Diego. For over a decade, Kolo has travelled annually to St. Louis to stage ten shows per weekend for US audiences.

In August 2005, Kolo achieved one of its greatest goals - a concert series in Serbia. Three successful performances in Belgrade, Panchevo and Banatsko Novo Selo allowed Kolo to showcase its talents and represent our community back home. Our most memorable highlight was the audience with His Holiness Patriarch Pavle. Kolo also established important partnerships with Ensemble "Kolo" (Belgrade) and other cultural associations.

Since 1969, Kolo has made appearances on Canadian, American and Serbian media outlets. As seen in newspaper articles, magazine stories, radio programs and television appearances, Kolo promotes Serbian culture to North America and the world. It is rare for a performing arts organization of the Serbian Diaspora to have attained such an accomplishment.

Many Kolo members have completed their college and university studies and lead successful careers as educators, health care professionals, engineers and public servants. Members take pride in their active involvement in Hamilton, Kitchener and GTA communities. Ensemble "Kolo" would not be a success without the dedication and tremendous support of family members, volunteers, sponsors and supporters. This community effort builds on Kolo’s significant contribution to culture in Canada.
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